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Finding an ethical refiner is like finding a diamond in the rough

When it comes to ethics and transparency, we are the better choice.

Does the process of choosing a refiner give you anxiety?

We get it. Our goal is to ensure your confidence in us every step of the way. Here’s how we prove our commitment to you:

How to get the right value for your precious metals
  • You’re invited: We have an open door policy. Our processes are completely transparent. Come observe your material throughout each process, from the monitoring of raw materials through to delivery and completion.
  • Bring along a friend: We invite not only you, but your witness or third party representative to view our process. At the end of witness, you seal and sign the Umpire Sample, and can take a sample to have your own assay done for comparison.
  • Our business relies on your confidence: Our doors are open because we know that the more you understand our procedure, the more confident you’ll be in our methods of reclamation.