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QML Global Sourcing

Maneuvering materials around the world, quickly and directly.

MST Domestic Refining

Precious metal recovery services for a wide range of industries.

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QML Inc. Global Sourcing and MST Domestic Refining

Looking for a global partner with countless capabilities and solid relationships? One with top-notch smelters and overseas refiners? Are you searching for a trustworthy domestic refiner?
Precious Metals Refining

Precious Metal Recovery

We care about your trust. When you work with us, you can be confident your material is in good hands.

We understand the economic viability of each recycling and refining process as they relate to complex wastes. We have the ability to refine your material stateside or abroad to save on refining costs.


Precious Metal Brokerage

QML sources your recyclable precious metals from secondary processors, accumulators, large industrial accounts, and we export them to major smelters and refineries worldwide. We are your solution for bulk loads of E-Scrap and various industrial byproducts.

Ethics and transparency

Our goal is to ensure your confidence in us every step of the way. Here’s how we prove our commitment to you:

Our doors are open because we know that the more you understand our procedure, the more confident you’ll be in our methods of reclamation.


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Industries Served

We provide precious metals reclamation and recycling services to a broad range of industries, including:
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Jewelry
  • Glass
  • Photographic
  • E-scrap
  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Electroplating
  • Auto manufacturing
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Semiconductor
  • Military & Defense Mfg

Recover More Metal

We understand the best methods to recovery the correct amount of metal from your materials

Secure Higher Values

You’ll profit from our flexible pricing programs

Trust Your Results

We follow a strict protocol to assure ethical and transparent transactions


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