Material Sampling Technologies

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Material Sampling Technologies

Looking for speed, accuracy and integrity? You found it.

For over 50 years, we’ve been the leading provider of precious metal recovery services for a wide range of industries.

Why choose MST?

We care about your trust. When you work with us, you can be confident your material is in good hands.

Here’s why:
        • Seasoned operational staff: Our staff has been in the precious metal recycling business for 25+ years.
        • Trusted processes: All of our operations (thermal reduction, metal shredding, ball milling, melting and more) have the capacity to facilitate both small and large lots. Additionally, they are custom engineered to ensure optimal recovery within every process.
        • Professional procedures and staff to ensure correct processing of your materials.
        • High client retention rate
        • Innovative leader: We pioneered the use of various shred technologies and sampling protocols for complex materials.
        • You’re invited: We have an open door policy. You can observe your material throughout each process, including the monitoring of raw materials from delivery to completion of all sampling operations.
        • Proven, tested methods: We stick to the industry’s time honored and tested processes that provide consistent returns. Our laboratory’s technology further increases speed and accuracy.
        • We go to the ends of the earth to ensure we leave the planet a better place with:
          • Air pollution control equipment
          • Facilities permitted for hazardous materials receipt and reclamation
          • Fully audited and approved downstream vendors
          • Deleterious materials (i.e. lithium batteries and mercury switches) recycled at approved facilities
          • State of the art medical surveillance program and safety training
          • ISO 9001 & 14001 certified
Hazardous Waste Manifest