QML Inc.

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Secure global solutions for your precious metal needs.

QML sources your recyclable precious metals from secondary processors, accumulators, large industrial accounts, and we export them to major smelters and refineries worldwide. We are your solution for bulk loads of E-Scrap and various industrial byproducts.

Important Policies

Quality Policy

Maneuvering materials around the world, quickly and directly.

We care about your trust. When you work with us, you can be confident in our choice of overseas refiners. Here’s why:

We personally vet every company before we do business with them. This includes a site visit from one of our team members and an extensive audit of the facility.

We select refiners specializing in specific materials for optimum recovery.

We have an extensive network of world class processors we partner with.

We follow a strict protocol to assure ethical and transparent transactions.

Important Policies