Risky business, redefined

Entrusting  your precious metals to someone can feel a bit risky. As QML’s Dennis Smith says, “It’s like putting your wallet on the  table and saying, I think I know how much money I have here. Can you please count it for me while I leave the room?”  – Dennis Smith, Partner, QML

That’s bound to make even the most trusting person feel uneasy.

We’re committed to earning and keeping your trust and proving to you that we are the better choice. Risk management practices are at the forefront of our business. As our customer, you receive a personalized risk management plan, uniquely tailored to your business.

Included in this personalized plan:

  • A secure central collection and inventory management site for the consolidation of shipments
  • Environmentally compliant procedures
  • The ability to negotiate and offer the best service and performance
  • Well trained professionals supervising all aspects of the reclamation process from inspection and sampling, to analytical services
  • Inventory reporting of all receipts
  • Recovery history by material type
  • Representation for witness and sampling upon request
  • Assay exchanges conducted to verify results
  • Mutually agreeable umpire protocols
QML Hedging