Scrap Precious Metal Pick Up Form

Please fill out the form below to activate a request for a scrap precious metals pick up. Upon submission, our precious metals purchasing department will call you discuss important details about your scrap and schedule your pick up.

Your material, your returns, your way

Your situation is unique and deserves a tailor made solution. We offer a wide range of trading and hedging services to best suit your needs including:

  • Pre-pricing
  • Forward hedging
  • Spot pricing of the metal content of your material.

Additionally, you gain:

  • Confidence in pricing: All of our programs are based on major markets including the London ‘fixes’, or on a ‘spot’ basis, as quoted by the company’s traders.
  • Lock-in pricing prior to shipment: Forward pricing programs allow you to ‘lock-in’ markets before the completion of processing, or even prior to shipment.
  • Get paid upfront: For a percentage of the material’s value, and the rest once it’s processed.
  • No risk: Advances available based on the historical data of your material.
  • The highest payments issued: We pay you the highest standards for final consumption, based on quality, quantity, and prevailing metal markets.
  • Returns your way: Payment of customer metal at most major venues can be arranged, and physical return of metal available in many different forms, including grain, bars, and coins.
Advancing and Hedging