Your time is money, which is why we rank highest with our customers for speed. We are committed to giving you quick settlements. While they vary by material type, settlements are generally provided in five (5) to eight (8) weeks from receipt or witness.

You select the market date for your payment. Payment of metals will be after assay values are agreed upon by both of us.  The market date is on a “Tomorrow moving forward basis.”  To price metals the day of market desired, please notify us before 9:00 AM EST.

Gold: London PM Fix
Silver: London PM Fix
Platinum: London PM Fix
Palladium: London PM Fix
Rhodium: London Metal Exchange 3 Month low
Copper: American Metal Market Refiners #2

Payment Methods: All payments are made two (2) business days after settlement.

Metal Transfer:  To your account at local bullion houses.
Wire:  Subject to bank fees.
Pool: Metal held in your account at MST.
Physical: .9999 grain or bullion issued.  Subject to market premium

**Settlement times subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances**