Accurate assays in an ultramodern lab

Does the process of getting an assay give you anxiety? Are you wondering if you could be yielding more from your sample?

We hear you. Which is why we take great strides to ensure you get the most accurate, foolproof assays:

  • Your satisfaction is our main concern: We pride ourself on transparency that you can see. You’re invited to visit our lab and watch your assay be performed, or you can have a third-party rep witness the process.
  • Your materials, our high standards: With MST’s customer build lab, you can rest assured your materials are being handled with the utmost care.
  • Time-tested techniques performed by industry veterans: Our seasoned staff are experts in unlocking the precious metal value from your materials. Assay types include:
    • Fire Assay
    • Atomic Absorption
    • Gravimetric Analysis
    • ICP Multi-element Analysis
    • Volumetric Analysis
  • Mixed metals? You’re in luck: Our state of the art analytical laboratory can analyze precious and non-precious metals. Samples include either shot or prepared sweeps.
Laboratory & Assay Services