Scrap Precious Metal Pick Up Form

Please fill out the form below to activate a request for a scrap precious metals pick up. Upon submission, our precious metals purchasing department will call you discuss important details about your scrap and schedule your pick up.

Weight Shipped lbs 0 mt
Gold gms/mt 0 gms/t 0%
Silver gms/mt 0 gms/t 0%
Platinum gms/mt 0 gms/t 0%
Palladium gms/mt 0 gms/t 0%
Rhodium gms/mt 0 gms/t 0%
Copper % 0%
Metal Weight Markets Gross Value
Gold 0.00 ozt
Silver 0.00 ozt
Platinum 0.00 ozt
Palladium 0.00 ozt
Rhodium 0.00 ozt
Copper 0.00 lbs
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Market conditions change daily. Contact QML to get current market valuation.