Tough customer?

MST is committed to providing every customer with unique and exceptional customer service.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • From quotation to settlement, MST provides detailed reports via an integrated database, tracking, and reporting system.
  • Once basic information is collected, a quote is provided describing the services that will be performed along with the treatment and refining fees.
  • When your material arrives at MST a confirmation is sent, along with a tracking number. The gross weight is entered into our tracking system.
  • Once your material is processed and the samples are analyzed, MST provides a detailed settlement summary. It identifies total ounces contained for each metal analyzed, metal accountability, and treatment, transportation and refining charges.
  • As always, customers and their representatives are invited to visit our facility to witness the processing of their material.
  • Upon request, a certificate of recycling is produced that guarantees processed material will never resurface in the wrong place.
Customer Service